Thursday, February 01, 2007

bye-bye to metrosquash (for now)

I forgot to mention in my schpeel from earlier today that I stopped by METROsquash Wednesday afternoon after class in order to inform David, Christine, and the kids that I wouldn't be returning for now at least. Too much is going on at the moment. I gave David a letter explaining my situation along with a letter from Dr. Schuster. David and Christine understood where I was coming from and had no problems.

I had the chance to speak to only a few of the kids, but I thanked them nonetheless for the get-well card which they mailed me a few weeks ago. My mom suggested that I bring a gift for the kids, so I picked up a small crate of clementines beforehand. METROsquash tries to teach the students about the importance of adopting healthy dietary habits, so I figured clementines would be much better than any kind of junk food.


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