Thursday, January 04, 2007

surgery tomorrow

Surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 7:30. I'm supposed to be at the hospital, however, at 5:45 in order to prepped. That makes me the first on Dr. Dakin's chopping block tomorrow. I'll spend tomorrow night there and hopefully, I'll be out of there at some time on Saturday.

This afternoon I saw my cardiologist at Weill Cornell for the necessary cardiac clearance. I saw him last in September and my report was very good. The report was no different this time around. He thought that my cardiac health was fine. My blood pressure is great - about 110/75, although I had gained a few pounds. Those are holiday pounds I told him. I do have WPW, but he doesn't believe it will be any concern. It's my WPW, which the surgeon said, would make the anesthesiologist take notice.

This evening Dr. Schuster himself called me wishing me good luck tomorrow. I was very surprised that he made a personal call, but was very touched. He told me to call him on Thursday, January 11th because he hopes to have the results of the spleen biopsy by that time. He wants to know the results before we schedule a follow-up appointment.

Tonight I prepared a small bag containing my portable DVD player and some movies as well as my Zen Mp3 player, a pair of sweats and slippers, two short sleeved shirts, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. It's very possible that I may not feel like watching movies or listening to music. I don't know how I'll feel. I just thought it would be better if I brought a few items along in case.

I may spend Saturday in a room, most likely shared, on the same oncology floor where I received DICE and then, underwent the transplant. I say this because I recall hearing or being told by a nurse on that floor that when former transplant patients return for whatever reason, they're placed there. Makes sense.


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