Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i'm too young for this

In today's NYT article, I'm Too Young For This: Facing Cancer Under 40, I learned about I'm Too Young For This, a vast website full of different resources for young people with cancer. There one can find online forums and organizations for information and support.

With regards to the website and the issue of young adult survivors, the NYT article states:

More than 50 organizations dedicated to cancer-related issues for young adults are cataloged on a new Web site,
imtooyoungforthis.org, started by Steps for Living, a nonprofit communications, advocacy and support organization for young adults with cancer.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, all I really wanted was to connect to other people my age,” said the group’s founder, Matthew Zachary, 32, of Brooklyn, who learned at 21 that he had pediatric brain cancer.

Lauren Terrazzano, who writes a weekly column for Newsday called “Life, With Cancer,” said that for a younger person, “cancer can be the ultimate form of identity theft, if you let it.”

Ms. Terrazzano was told she had advanced lung cancer in 2004 and has since undergone three operations, including an extrapleural pneumonectomy, in which her right lung and part of the lining of her heart were removed. She has also undergone extensive chemotherapy and radiation.

“One day you’re a healthy 36-year-old with long hair, black mascara and low-rider jeans,” she said. “You’re going through the rhythms of life, going to work, going to dinner, hanging out with friends. And the next minute you’re Cancer Girl.

“It’s a hard thing to reconcile.”


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Hi Duane,
Its your other mother(smile). I have just updated myself with your blog and all that you have been going through. I have not been able to use my computer for a couple of months. I have spoken with your mother also since I have been back and she also informed me about everything.At first I didn't know what to say to you. I feel that the words I love you are pretty strong words and I love you, you are the son I never had.Prayer works for me Duane, its truly the only thing that helps me get by, and being the person you are I know that you will find what will give you strength to get through all of this. Maybe Sue ?(smile) I'm always here for you.
Love, Muriel

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