Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy 2007

Thinking about the beginning of this new year, I hope to be around for the next one. I plan to give it my all.

The New Year's celebration was enjoyable and laid-back. On New Year's Eve, Su and I visited the Frick Collection and then, we had Burmese (anyone know the adjective for Myanmar?) for dinner before watching the film, The History Boys. We enjoyed New Year's day watching The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins, which I thought was really good. Very upbeat, uplifting story!

During the past few days, I've seen the TV trailer for Children of Men, which really interests me. It's an end of the world sci-fi thriller, which seems to continue where the History Channel's recent marathon of doomsday programs left off.

Today I spent the morning and a considerable bit of the afternoon making phone calls. I had emailed my professors and my department about my expected two week absence, but I followed my emails with calls this morning. Everyone has been very accommodating. I informed David, head of METROsquash, that I wouldn't be back for tomorrow's tutoring session but that I hoped to be there in about two weeks. I also made calls to the hospital about Friday's surgery. I informed the offices of Dr. Schuster and Dr. Guyer, my cardiologist, that I needed medical clearance for the surgery. Insurance concerns have been taken care of too.


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