Thursday, December 28, 2006

surgery is set

Today I met Dr. Greg Dakin, the laparoscopic surgeon. He looks very much like Anderson Cooper of CNN's Anderson Cooper (AC) 360. The surgery has been scheduled for January 5th, but the exact time of the operation is unknown right now. I'll be informed of the surgery time on the 4th.

Going into the appointment, we didn't know how soon a surgery date could be given, so when he brought up doing the surgery as early as next Fri., the 5th, I was really surprised. We all were surprised. I calculated that the 5th was better than postponing to a later date. Even though the winter quarter starts Jan. 3rd, I figured it would be best to miss the first two weeks of the quarter and then, return to Chicago ready for the continuation of my studies instead of starting school, stopping for the surgery, and then returning to Chicago. Either way two weeks would be lost. I figured that it was better to miss the first two weeks of the quarter instead of two weeks in the middle of the quarter.

Dr. Dakin was very personable and straight-forward. He brought to our attention all the risks, both short-term and long-term, of the surgery. One of the dangers is post-splenectomy sepsis, he said, but the likelihood of getting this is very slim. He confirmed what I had been reading about splenectomies and that is most people lead full and healthy lives without their spleen.

The surgery itself would be 1-2 hours long and I'd spend the night in the hospital and then, most likely be discharged the next day. Although 2 weeks recovery is probably more than is required, he said, it's best to take those 2 weeks. There'd be a 1-2 cm incision below the left ribcage and if necessary another small incision on my left abdominal side and/or around my belly button.

Tomorrow I must return to hospital in order to receive the remaining vaccines that I need before the operation.

I've been very busy these past few days getting my insurance in order. I need to make some more phone calls with regards to this matter tomorrow as well.


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