Thursday, December 28, 2006

screw-up at the office

I had my scheduled appointment with Dr. Lee this afternoon, but we learned quickly that he wasn't our guy. We had visited the wrong doctor. Dr. Schuster's office made a mistake when it referred me to Dr. Lee, who no longer performs laparoscopic splenectomies. He works solely on the colon and rectum. Perhaps Schuster's office thinks that he still does laparoscopic splenectomies. I don't know. Dr. Lee wasn't, however, Schuster's first choice. In my records, I have that Schuster recommended Dr. Michael Lieberman to me back in August when the possibility of a splenectomy first came up. And this time around, Dr. Lee came to the fore, I think, because he was available for consultation during the holidays whereas Dr. Lieberman might not have been.

It's fair to say that we were all surprised and I think a bit disappointed in what happened. Thankfully, however, Dr. Lee was able to set up an appointment for me with someone who does perform laparoscopic abdominal surgery. His name is Dr. Greg Dakin. I'm scheduled to see him at 12pm tomorrow. Dr. Schuster is off this week, so I will call his office to speak to Joanne, his PA, in the morning in order to let her know what happened today and to get her assessment. What might she know about Dr. Dakin? And would it matter to Schuster if I had surgery with Dakin? Or should I still try to see Lieberman? The problem with Dr. Lieberman, of course, is that because he's not available at the moment I'd have to wait around until after the New Year for an appointment, which means I'll miss my Jan. 2nd return to Chicago date. I'd really like to return on the 2nd. But I'm sure Dr. Dakin is a fine surgeon.

I also tried calling my general oncologist, Dr. Julian Decter, but I couldn't get him. The line remained busy. It's possible he may be off as well. This is a tough week for making appointments. I haven't spoken to him for a while and Eileen thought it was good I updated him on my situation. Also, he may be able to lend some perspective.


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