Thursday, December 07, 2006

links to more prizefighter blogs are added

You might have noticed on my sidebar that I added new links to several blogs. These are the blogs of several courageous individuals, who are facing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma or who have successfully finished it. A few of these blogs I have known for some time, but I simply didn't add them to my sidebar. That was really stupid of me. My bad. It's of foremost importance that we, cancer bloggers, get the word out and share each others' unique stories in the hope that our experiences will help to educate and also enrich others with some meaningful perspectives about treatment and life. By sharing, we're helping to strengthen our community of support and information.

Please check out their blogs.

Anne's Journey to Beat Hodgkin's Disease

Sherrie's Hodgkin's Site

Mike Lachtanski's Hodgkin's Story

Journey to Babeland

Dealing with Cancer

Alese Coco - Fight 2 Win

Eric's Cancer Story

Cliff's Blog

Natalia's Journey

Chronicles of a Cancer Patient


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