Thursday, December 14, 2006

jerry and second city

On Monday evening, a classmate and I attended a taping of the infamous Jerry Springer Show here in Chicago. The idea was completely mine. Since coming here, I had always wanted to do something fun and wacky and memorable. Well, this definitely fit the requirements. It was a very crazy experience. Yep, I was participating in some of the very worst that America has to offer humanity but at the same time it was wholly comedic. I shouldn't take it too seriously. The show doesn't take itself seriously either. The guests were a hoot. The crowd was very rowdy. Eccentric guests and a boisterous crowd are excellent ingredients for a memorable Jerry Springer experience! At times, I felt like I was a spectator watching a Roman gladiatorial game. The mob is Rome!

My friend and I sat in the front row throughout the show, so I think we were recorded quite a bit especially since Jerry himself stood directly in front of us repeatedly during the program.

We were given a number to call to find out when the taping would be broadcast. I'm going to try to tape it.

In other news, Su and I will head to The Second City, the famous improv theater in Chicago tonight. We're going to check out Disposable Nation, a show at Chicago e.t.c., a venue of The Second City. The reviews of "Disposable Nation" seem terrific. I remember attending two different performances at The Second City during my first year here and I had a blast. Tonight's show should be a fun experience.


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