Thursday, December 07, 2006

culinary courses in 2007

I participated in a course about the historic relationship between astronomy and art at the Adler Planetarium this quarter. This was one of the few ways in which I managed to get out of Hyde Park. I had registered for another course at the Adler, which was scheduled to begin this past Wednesday but because of insufficient interest it was canceled. This course was going to be about the US-Soviet space race during the Cold War.

I'd like to take some more courses at the Adler next quarter, but also I thought recently about taking perhaps one or two culinary courses too. Culinary courses would be another fun and interesting thing to do away from Hyde Park. I'd get to experience more of what this terrific city has to offer. So, I searched online for culinary schools and I found the Calphalon Culinary Center, which looks really great. The prices seems reasonable. The Center's January schedule wasn't available when I visited its website a few days ago. When I return to Chicago in January, I'll see what culinary courses are being offered.


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