Thursday, November 02, 2006

chicago skyline

Tonight during my walk from the Adler Planetarium back to the Metra station, where I'd catch the train home, I snapped about half-a-dozen photographs of the Chicago skyline which can be viewed clearly from the Museum Campus (the location of the Adler as well a few other institutions). All but two came out decently. The rest are not very clear. The images aren't stable at all. The two that came out okay are below. The next time I'm at the Museum Campus, I'll try again.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Duane, I just saw these photos- they're awesome! Can I use them in my blog? (I'll give your name too of course as the one who took them:)

12:23 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Please. I'd be delighted. I had problems stabilizing my camera, so you'll notice that the buildings aren't as clear as could be, but I plan to try again soon.


9:48 AM  

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