Monday, October 16, 2006

wierd sensation

Though my back has approved immensely (I no longer sleep with any back discomfort), during the last week and a-half I've felt a recurrent sensation on my left side just below my left rib cage. I guess it's in the area of the spleen. The feeling is not one of severe pain or discomfort, but the sensation is a wierd one, which let's me know it's definitely not normal although it started probably 4-5 weeks ago (I probably mentioned it in a previous post about the same time that I was getting my spleen examined by in NYC) though the feeling has intensified and become more commonplace recently. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the health of my spleen about whose status I'm still not wholly comfortable with, which has led me to reflect over one of the most challenging aspects of post-treatment life. That is the understanding that my body will perhaps never be as it was before and that the aches/phatom pains/false positives/scares and the rest of the lot are just some of the difficult but real realities of surviving treatment. I'm trying to do my best to improve my lot: exercising, eating right, and keeping my doctors informed but a lot is of course out of my control.

After letting several days pass by, I contacted Joanne, Schuster's PA, this week about the continued sensation on my left torso. She said that the last scan showed nothing wrong with my spleen. She must have been referring to the 2nd scan, which proved negative but the 1st scan, the PET-CT scan, did show some suspicious unexplained activity. I asked her if I should just wait til I return home in December for my next follow-up scan or have it examined here. She told me to give it another week and if it continues that they'll probably make the necessary steps for it to be looked at.


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