Friday, October 27, 2006

livin' ghetto fabulous

Depending on where I'm coming from, many times I'll enter the back entrance of my apartment building via a long alleyway. It's a very convenient way to get to/from the main thoroughfare, 53rd Street, without walking all around the adjacent buildings, which is why I generally take this route to get to the university in the morning. The alleyway itself I have found to be increasingly interesting. Along the length of one of the alleyway's sides, there are perhaps a dozen different graffiti murals. Local teenagers come regularly to "tag" and make new murals of graffiti there. Several times on my way to/from my apartment building, I've passed by them looking at them work on a new mural. What I don't know is how many teenagers (=artists) work on it? Where are they from? Neighborhood kids or are they from farther away? Are there teams of artists or do they work individually? Nevertheless, by the impressive quality of the works the artists seem to be pretty serious, which makes me wonder if it's like some kind of a guild for graffiti artists. Is there a code of conduct that the different artists follow? For how long do they let a mural stay before they replace it with a new one?

The photos that I posted of Su and me a few days ago are in front that very wall in the alleyway. This afternoon on my way back from the university, I noticed a mural that I hadn't seen before. It was a new one. I decided to take several shots of it. Below are a few of them. Perhaps a new and fun project of mine will be to document the different graffiti murals that appear in this alleyway.


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