Monday, October 16, 2006

chicago blackout

On the night of the 2nd, the last day I made a post, a fierce lighting storm passed through Chicago with about 40 mph winds. Not having paid any attention to the weather forecasts, it came as big surprise that night. Well, the surprise turned out to be even bigger than expected originally. The storm resulted in a spotty black out in my neighborhood. Some blocks maintained power whereas others didn't. The block where I live in Hyde Park-Kenwood was one of the areas that was affected and from what I gathered appeared to be one of the last places in the neighborhood to recieve electricity again.

Power in my building went out around 11pm on the 2nd and it didn't return until the 4th at about 4am. Thankfully, I have a gas oven, so I was still able to heat up the leftovers that remained in my freezer. I placed the baked chicken (along with other items) that I had prepared a few days earlier into the freezer understanding that it would probably stay cooler there longer. But for at least two nights I had to study in the dark of my studio with only the aid of two small candles and an average sized flashlight, which gave out during the final night of the blackout.

You can read a little about the blackout here: Another day spent in dark


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