Monday, October 16, 2006

catching up with nick

I spoke to Nick, my friend from Weill Cornell, last weekend. He's had a very difficult time since completing his mini-transplant in February. In the end, his transplant proved unsuccessful. When he underwent the transplant, he was told to be pre-leukemia, but he informed me that it has turned into full-blown leukemia. Nick told me the specific type of leukemia that he has now, but I forgot it. As a consequence, he has been receiving an oral chemotherapy. I don't know the type/name of the chemo, but he said it wasn't too bad although much of his taste hasn't normalized. At one point he said, his doctors gave him only 3 months to live but obviously he proved that statement false. In light of all the madness that's happening, Nick sounded to be in strong spirits full of gusto and determination.


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