Saturday, September 02, 2006

tylenol to the rescue

Before I forget, I want to make note that during the same time in which I was stressing out about the status of my spleen I was suffering from intense lower back pain. The sharp pain occurred almost always during the night and could be counted upon like clockwork to start around 3am usually. When it happened, I'd wake up and then, find it impossible to lie back down being unable to endure the lower back pain. I'd have to take 2-3 Tylenols, wait about 45 minutes to an hour before the medicine did its magic and then, I'd be able to return to bed, where I'd hope to fall asleep again.

I mentioned this issue regarding my lower back to Dr. Schuster when I saw him on August 14th, although at that time I'd classify it more as a discomfort as opposed to pain. The main subject of our appointment was my spleen and he didn't seem alarmed by my mention of my lower back. I must admit it too that I myself didn't make the problem sound particularly grave. I mentioned the problem to him in a brief and casual way. The discomfort in my lower back during the night has surely worsened since that appointment. Worrying about my spleen and my lower back, I called his office last week in order to tell him that my lower back had worsened but he had went on vacation and wouldn't return til after Labor Day. With the problem continuing into the latter part of the week, I called his office again and spoke to his assistant, the PA Joanne, with whom I spoke to at some length about my lower back. She told me that according to what I was describing, the problem sounded like a problem that's musco-skeletal in nature or maybe a pinched nerve as opposed to a problem with my spleen, kidney, or liver. She said that she'll leave a message for Schuster. In the meantime, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor, whom I saw in the past when I had some lower back issues. My appointment is September 6th. Hopefully, she can offer some ideas about what's causing the pain.

Rather than wait for the pain to occur each night, I have gotten into the habit of taking 2-3 Tylenols preventively each night before I go to bed. When I do this, I don't wake up in pain during the middle of the night.


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