Monday, September 25, 2006

splenectomy in the news

Upon learning about the emergency splenectomy of the Bucs' QB, Chris Simms, after yesterday's football game, I quickly read what I could find on the matter on Read the story here. Naturally, I was very interested by this news because of my own situation. Thankfully, a laproscopic splenectomy was ruled out in my case when the most recent CT scan I took came back negative, but still I'm very interested to learn anything more about the dynamics of this procedure when possible. Study of the spleen has joined Hodgkin's Disease and the paraspinal muscles as the latest addition to my orbit of medical knowledge and attention. But in Simms' case because of the prompt need to stop the excessive internal bleeding, laproscopy was not an option. The more unpleasant splenectomy was the only option on the table for him unfortunately. But as I learned in my previous readings on the subject, which was confirmed by ESPN's report, its expected that Simms will be well after about 6 weeks of recovery and finally, be able to return to the field.


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