Wednesday, September 13, 2006

cardiologist today, hematologist tomorrow

This afternoon I saw Dr. Guyer, my cardiologist. In sum, my heart is healthy he told me. My cholesterol is excellent (99) he said. There wasn't a great deal of advice he could offer me, he told me, other than to stay active.

So, I'm pleased that I received positive reports from both my opthamologist and cardiologist during the past two days. Tomorrow I'll see Dr. Schuster for a final check-up before I leave as well as my physical therapist, Andrew. At my appointment with Schuster, I'll be sure to bring up the continuing lower back pain. At the moment, I haven't noticed any significant improvement in my lower back despite the recent therapy. Andrew told me that it may take several weeks for my back to heal. I asked him at my last appointment if he could write a summary detailing my condition, recent treatment, and prognosis, which I could give to Dr. Schuster tomorrow. Because Schuster was away on vacation when the problem of my lower back started to act violently, tomorrow - only a few days before I take off for Chicago - will be the only opportunity in which I'll be able to talk to him in detail about my back.


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