Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yesterday I had an appointment with my new opthamologist, Dr. Rafla-Demetrius, at Weill Cornell. I have decided to not return to the New York Eye Surgery Center, where I had gone since I was an adolescent. I took a field test, which is given to test for glaucoma, and was told by my opthamologist that I scored very well. No problems there. The pressure in my eyes too was normal, which is great. So in sum, everything is fine. She still referred to me as "glaucoma suspect," but with regards to my the health of my eyes at this moment all is well. My youth is on my side, she told me. Ideally, she'd like to see me again in 6 months but because of school, she said it was okay for me to return in June or July 2007 after the academic year ends.

Later today I return to Weill Cornell in order to see my cardiologist, Dr. Guyer, for a final checkup before I head to Chicago.

This week is medical check-up week. I saw my opthamologist yesterday, my cardiologist and pyschologist later today, and Drs. Gladstone and Schuster on Thursday.


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