Sunday, August 20, 2006

sally blauner gould

Eileen, whom many of you are more familar with as EFG on my blog, lost her mother, Sally Blauner Gould on Thursday, August 10th.

Although I had heard such wonderful things about her through Eileen, I unfortunately only had the opportunity to meet her during the last month of her life. I met her for the very first time at a surprise birthday luncheon that a few family friends organized for Eileen and then, unknowingly, for the last time at Eileen's 50th birthday luncheon only a brief time later. I had hoped that we'd get to talk further at a future rendezvous, but that wasn't to be.

With strong family roots in Cincinnati, Eileen and her wonderful family placed an obituary article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about their mother's passing. In reading the article, I learned for the first time how much of a traveler and talented artist she was. Surely, I wish I would have had the opportunity to talk to her about her countless travels around the world as well as her passion for art. Both traveling and art are two passions that we shared and it would have been an absolute pleasure discussing these and other topics with her.

Eileen and her family asked that all donations for their mother be made in honor of me to the National Transplant Assistance Fund, where I have a transplant fund in place to help pay for the medical expenses that are not covered by my insurance. When I learned about what her family had done, my folks and I were in total shock, followed by awe and humility. There's not a great deal that I can eloquently say to express my indebtedness to Eileen's family but I thank them sincerely. My only wish is that I had gotten to know their mother much better, but I am glad that I had the two brief opportunities to meet her when I did.

Please read the obituary article about Sally Blauner Gould here.


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