Sunday, August 20, 2006

results of CT scan

Sorry for getting back to you all so late with regards to the imaging scan that I took this week.

On Monday, after my appointment with Dr. Schuster I took a CT scan. On the following day, I received the news from him via the telephone at work. To my surprise, the CT scan was absolutely negative he said. There was no sign of anything - no activity - on my spleen. This is great news he told me. He won't, therefore, recommend that I go for a laparoscopic splenectomy. I was troubled greatly by the prospect of losing my spleen. But the negative CT scan still doesn't explain why the PET-CT scan showed contrary results. As a result, although the negative CT scan is great news, there's still this unknown element which needs to be clarified but for the moment nothing is going to happen. I asked him about repeating the PET-CT but he said that wouldn't help because it would just show the same result, which again doesn't explain or reveal what's happening to my spleen. What about more blood work? He said that for the spleen, blood tests aren't very helpful. So for now, the best thing he explained is just to wait until my next follow-up scan in December. Hopefully, the PET-CT scan in December will be negative like Tuesday's CT scan or it may reveal more meaningful information than this last one.

Though I feel fine physically overall, I do on occassion feel a little discomfort (though not painful) below my left ribcage, where the spleen is located. A few nights too, I have experienced discomfort on my lower back at and above the waist on my lift side, which in a few instances has forced me to take a few Tylenols to help me sleep. Honestly, I worry that although the CT scan was negative, there's still something going on with my spleen, which of course was hinted at by the PET-CT. Now, what's going on then? Boy, would I love to know. That's the million dollar question. I fear that this last scan won't be the last news that I'll hear about the uncertain nature of my spleen.

I'm scheduled to see Dr. Schuster again on September 14th at 2:30. This should be my last appointment before I head to Chicago on the 18th.


Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

I am SO glad to hear the scan was negative! I'm raising a glass to your health here in DC!


11:05 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Sarah. How are you? How are things in DC?

11:27 PM  

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