Thursday, August 24, 2006

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I've paid close attention in the press over the past two weeks to the intense discussions by astronomers at the IAU conference in Prague, which finalized its decision today to demote Pluto, formerly the ninth planet of our solar system, to a so-called dwarf planet. The other celestial bodies, such as 2003 UB313 (aka Xena) and Ceres, that had been proposed as possible new members to the elite family of solar system bodies also share the same diminutive status as Pluto now.

I ♥ Pluto is a very humorous Op-Ed piece in yesterday's NYT about the debate surrounding Pluto's status. It's quite funny. I recommend reading it.

Below are a few articles about the IAU's decision today:

Scientists decide Pluto’s no longer a planet

Pluto loses status as a planet

Pluto Is Demoted to ‘Dwarf Planet’

Pluto, the Un-Planet?

Even astrologers have gotten into the debate as their work is threatened now by the IAU:

Astrologers Join Debate of Pluto's Planetary Status


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