Sunday, July 02, 2006

retracing an epic journey

I completed Start As You Are several days ago. I'm now onto The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey by Spencer Wells, a geneticist. Actually, I started to read this book several months ago but got no further than the second chapter before stopping and I hadn't touched it again until now. This go-around I plan to finish it. So far, it's very, very engaging. I first learned about Spencer Wells on PBS watching a documentary program that shares the same title as his book. Though he talks a bit about the evolution of the other species of hominids, the focus of The Journey of Man is tracing the fantastic journey of homo sapiens from Africa to all the continents of the globe some 60,000 years ago. By examining the genetic tracers found in the DNA of present-day humans around the globe, Wells is able to retrace the many interesting steps that our ancestors undertook in their amazing journey 60 millennia ago.

Spencer Wells and National Geographic, in cooperation with other institutions, are collaborating on the Genographic Project to study further the epic voyage of our species.


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