Thursday, July 13, 2006

on faith and reason

I just caught the first half of the most recent episode of Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason on PBS. I was switching from channel to channel when I came upon a very interesting conversation that Bill Moyers was having with author, Jeanette Winterson, who was talking about her recent book, Weight : The Myth of Atlas and Heracles. She spoke about the subject of her book, the myth concerning the Greek gods Atlas and Heracles, as well as the subject of mythology in general both its application in the past and in contemporary society. I found Moyers' interview of her to be most engaging. Click to watch it here. Under the header "Streaming Video," click the author's name.


Comment Anonymous Su said...

Oh, I love Jeanette Winterson -- speaking of unapologetic, she's right up there with Paul Mooney and Gertrude Stein. Looking forward to checking this out.

4:54 AM  

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