Sunday, July 02, 2006

mega update

My schedule is no longer what it used to be. The great flexibility and openness that once characterized my day to day schedule is no more. With work, my weekdays no longer belong to me but the firm. Of course, this is what I wanted. I really need to earn some greenbacks for school in the fall but more importantly, for my extended trip that I hope to take after graduation next year. So, work is indeed what I need and I'm fortunate to have it. It's not really an issue of stamina. I feel quite good really. As my therapist said, that could be because I've been taking good care of myself. That may be so.

It's just that these past two weeks have been very busy as I adjust to my new schedule. Between work and Su, my time has been swallowed up more quickly than I would have imagined which is why in part I haven't been able to update my blog like I do usually. Hence, this mega update of recent events.

It's very important to me, however, that I not let go of those activities that have become so meaningful to me during the months after treatment: yoga, exercise, reading, massage therapy, and museum hopping, for example. Of course, my weekly therapist visits have been another important mainstay of the past four months. Thankfully, the firm is very cool and has no problem with me taking an extra hour each week in which time I can see Dr. Roberts. With regards to exercise, before I started working I used to go to the gym in the morning but that's no longer possible. I'd have to wake up too early and then, to be honest I'm not sure if I'd actually make it to work on time coming from the upper Bronx. Consequently, the only available time is after work. I've made a strong effort to go to the gym after work although I missed a few days during the past two weeks. I'm thinking that I may need to scuttle the Saturday yoga class at the Bendheim Center, but keep the Wednesday evening class at Gilda's. Of the two, the Wednesday class is my favorite. It's one activity (among the others) that I really want to continue if possible.

The key word in all of this reshuffling is flexiblity. Malleability is a good synonym here. Though it's important that these activities, which have brought me so much pleasure during recovery, remain in my life, it's very important too that I also not put too much pressure on myself by being too adament about the completion of these activities. Rigidity is not good. The need to be flexible is but a new challenge and opportunity that I face in my post-treatment life now. I suppose that this exercise in malleability also serves as a test run of sorts for Chicago, where school not work will dictate the nature of my day-to-day schedule.


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