Thursday, July 20, 2006

lindsey needs your help!

Lindsey, a mutual friend of Su and I, is on the difficult path to receiving a stem cell transplant after unsuccessfully combating her acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) the first go-around. Unlike me, however, she's in need of a donor's stem cells. A few of her friends put together a wonderful website for her, which I learned about today. Please visit her website: where you can find out how to register in order to donate money, blood, platelets, but most importantly testing to see if you're a potential match. Perhaps unknowingly you're an excellent donor match for the success of her allogenic stem cell transplant. So, if you live in the NYC area (or even if you don't) and especially if you're of Jewish ancestry (since Lindsey's of Jewish ancestry, the best possibility of a match is with someone who also shares the same ethnic background), please check out her website. You may help save a life.

I added a link to her website under "Fellow Prizefighters" in my sidebar.


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