Sunday, July 02, 2006

a deluge of news

I haven't had sufficient time to sit down and post all these interesting stories recently. Excuse me for the deluge. They're just articles that I read during the past several days, which I figured were worth sharing.

Lactic Acid Will Be Sorely Missed

Women Have Seen It All on Subway, Unwillingly

Bacteria Outnumber Cells in Human Body

Lizards and Snakes Take Over the American Museum of Natural History

Excommunication Is Sought for Stem Cell Researchers

The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier

Where the Muskets Once Roared

The very last article, "Where the Muskets Once Roared," mentions the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn which Su and I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. As I told her, I recall having visited it many years ago (probably when I was in high school) during a time in which I used to take forays avidly throughout the city looking to explore many of its historic landmarks, the famous and not so famous.


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