Sunday, July 23, 2006


The last class of the massage therapy course that I was taking was tonight. We progressed from body group to body group with each class. Today's class focused on the legs and as we always do, we reviewed the strokes of the some of the earlier parts that we learned. The course itself wasn't the best. The instructor wasted a lot of time eventhough practice time was so limited, but the course was a start. One must start somewhere. Indeed, I know more than I did before I started the course.

I caught the second-half of Battlefield Britain on PBS when I arrived home. It's a documentary series that focuses on the famous military battles in British history. This day the focus was the Roman army's battle against the rebellious forces of Boudicca in 60 CE. I was a classical studies minor in college, so I have a soft spot for Roman history or for that matter anything classical or ancient. Nonetheless, to me it was very entralling especially since it was my first time learning about this particular battle.


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