Sunday, July 02, 2006


Su and I went to Caroline's for dinner and the comedy show, which was all paid for by Sloan's Post-Treatment program. As part of the program's effort to get young cancer survivors together socially, we met and befriended a group of perhaps twelve other prizefighters there. A nice variety of cancers were represented: breast, ovarian, sarcoma, Hodgkin's, Non-Hodgkin's, leukemia, testicular, and a brain tumor.

The comedy show itself I thought was fantastic. For whatever reason, Tracy Morgan didn't show up. Su and I were looking forward very much to seeing his act, but it was okay. The guys who performed instead were in the words of Tracy Morgan himself: HILARIOUS. Comedians Jay Davis and Robert Kelly of Dane Cook's "Tourgasm" were the stars of the evening. It was my first time seeing both of them and since I don't get HBO, I wasn't aware of "Tourgasm" but they were superb, especially Robert Kelly. Funny, funny, funny!

The great Paul Mooney will be at Caroline's soon. We're hoping to check out one of his acts, which I'm sure will be AMAZING.


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