Sunday, July 02, 2006

6/24 - from the bk to the bx

This was Su's first time receiving a tour of my hood. Yes, the BX (the Bronx). We had planned to eat at a restaurant on Arthur Avenue, the famous Belmont section of the Bronx which is known for its vibrant Italian community and tasty eateries before attending the Yankees-Marlins game later that afternoon but it didn't work out. The weather was awful. It just rained and rained. It paused for a few moments here and there, but then it rained yet again. We met up later than we should have too, so we were squeezed for time. Due to the heavy rain and the lack of sufficient time to travel to and from Belmont, we settled for an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood. From the restaurant, we walked to Yankee Stadium which is about 12 blocks away. There we met up with Ben, Adeel and a few other buds with whom we planned to enjoy the ball game. But the weather had other plans. After about a two-hour rain delay, the game was postponed. Though the weather made it a damp afternoon, we still had an enjoyable time.


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