Sunday, July 02, 2006


I had an appointment with Dr. Rafla-Demetrious, an opthalmologist at Weill Cornell, hoping to receive a second opinion about the possibility of me developing glaucoma. The appointment went very well. She explained my particular situation thoroughly leaving me reassured about what I may or may not face in the future unlike my other opthalmologist, who was a bit too vague for someone like me who's a stickler for detail, especially when it comes to my personal health. For me, more information is better always.

Dr. Rafla-Demetrious told me that my eye pressure is within normal limits: 14 and 12. Normal limits, she said, are generally from 10-22. My optic nerves are very symetrical, which is good, she told me. What may lead someone to say that I'm at risk for developing glaucoma in the future is the shape of my eyes themselves, which she described as being "cupped." Thus, I may not be at risk for glaucoma but she or anyone, I suppose, is not able to say definitively. For now, however, all is well. She wants me to return for a field test in 3 months with copies of my records.

Later that afternoon, I went over to Brooklyn for Su's picnic at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, which offers fabulous views of Manhattan. Su was celebrating the one year anniversary of her diagnosis of Ewing's Sarcoma amongst friends, which was really wonderful. I got to meet many of her close friends, some of whom were from college but others were from work or her hometown of Saratoga Springs.

This wasn't my first visit to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, however. She took me there a few weeks earlier. And like this time, we had a picnic then too but it was more intimate: just us two. Since she lives in Brooklyn, I had have the opportunity to explore and learn more about her wonderful borough, in particular her neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights and the adjacent Cobble Hill and DUMBO areas.


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