Thursday, July 13, 2006

1 guest not more

I finally received the invitation to the survivor boat cruise hosted by the BMT unit at Weill Cornell, which will take place on August 6th. I had hoped that I would have received it a few weeks ago, but it didn't arrive until just two days ago. Upon reading the invitation, I realized that I could have only one guest. Foolishly, I had assumed that I could bring a couple of folks and so, I invited my parents and sister. I was planning to ask Eileen, Clare and my other moms from Chapin to join us as well. It was going to be a celebration of Duane-ness (to use Su's endearing phrase). However, it was a good thing that I didn't say anything because the invitation made it quite clear how many people could accompany the patient: just one. In addition to my family, I had invited Su, who accepted it gladly.

In the end, Su will be my lone guest. In fact, when I told my mom about the invitation she insisted that I take Su, especially since Dr. Schuster expressed great interest in meeting the woman of the man, whom the BMT unit is so keen to make sure is taken care of. Schuster himself joked at our last appointment that he had to meet the person, who is taking care of their precious investment.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

without a doubt you should take Su to the cruise. that would be perfect for you both.
thanks for thinking of me. It was a lovely thought but I will be away all of August.

9:47 AM  

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