Sunday, June 18, 2006

working the graveyard shift

I'm composing this from work. Yes, work. I was asked if I could work this weekend and the only slots still remaining were from Sat. 12am-8am or Sun. 12am-8am. So, I volunteered for the latter. It's almost 2am now. The time has moved along quite quickly. In no time the sun will begin to rise, the skies will lighten, and I'll be preparing to leave.

My task is very simple. A couple of lawyers are expecting faxes this weekend for a case they're working on, so they need folks like myself and other interns/paralegals to check the fax machines (there's one on 3 different floors) about every 45 minutes. If a fax arrives for them, we must scan and email it to them. So far, nothing has arrived. And the summer intern, whom I replaced at midnight said that not one fax came during his 8 hour shift. So, it's very possible that nothing will ever show up while I'm here during the graveyard shift.

In fact, I think I may be the lone person in the office at the moment. I saw a lawyer working at his desk soon after I arrived around 11:45pm but I'd be surprised if he's still around now. Yep, so I guess that makes me the gatekeeper. But my time here provides ample opportunity for me to work a little on my blog, read a bit of the NY Times online, and continue reading Start Where You Are, a book suggested by my therapist.


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