Friday, June 16, 2006

water, water, water

Ever since water started to taste like its usual self for me, I have been drinking lots of it. And then I think I upped the ante even more when I began exercising over a month ago. I'm trying to keep myself hydrated whenever possible. This admission may seem strange to those who haven't had chemo treatment which can alter one's sense of taste or radiation, to say the neck or upper chest, which can make swallowing an irritable process. For me, it's like I'm rediscovering water and cherishing every last drop of it. Water is perhaps the most important resource on this planet and is so important to the metabolic processes of our body, which is made up of at least 60% water. Indeed, there's nothing like. Yet according to some literature that I have read, most of us don't drink enough of it. What I've written about may all seem very strange if you haven't for a time lost or been unable to do something and then, after a period you're finally able to enjoy it again. It's a strange but amazing realization. Water was just water before treatment but now, it's something greater. Awareness of its awesome, elemental power is like unity with the breath during meditation. Awareness of the breath means awareness of life. If one can breathe, indeed then they're alive. So it is with water. What would life be without water? There wouldn't be any. No you. No me. An understanding of our indebtedness to this magical liquid brings awareness of our fragility and impermanence. During the transplant, water was the thing that I enjoyed least. I tried to avoid it at every step. I substituted it with other drinks. But now that my taste buds are back to normal, water is without a doubt the one ingestible thing I love the most.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find similarly that while it was a labor to drink sips of water while on chemo, I increasingly find myself happily hydrating. It's one of those amazing victories that comes from things that used to be small or unnoticed or taken for granted. Some things are personal and some things are more common to people who've gone through cancer or a similar experience. I'm glad you wrote about this, which of course is how I feel about the blog overall. Every now and then I like to give you some guestbook love. -Su

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Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks love.

9:20 AM  

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