Wednesday, June 14, 2006

uchicago graduation

My visit to Chicago, by the way, was really great. I had the opportunity to catch up with most of my classmates and friends there. I also saw and chatted with my professors, who were also very pleased to learn that I was doing well and planning to return to UChicago in the fall for the completion of my M.A. program. The graduation ceremony itself was quite lovely. Some of us were surprised by its length. We figured it would be much longer than what it actually turned out to be. With all the various degrees and programs that were represented at the ceremony, we thought it would last for 3-5 hours but in the end, it was much less.

I spent a considerable amount of time with Rob, who would have been my roommate had I been at school this year. He was an excellent host. We checked out the Field Museum on Thursday and in particular, saw the King Tut exhibition which is going on now. Some of the artifacts on display are quite remarkable. They're breathtaking to behold.

Francesca, another good friend, there was absolutely wonderful. We walked through Millenium Park downtown as well as parts of the Art Institute of Chicago on Friday, when it was free admission. We had a jolly good time at the after-graduation reception, where the students and professors were talking busily amidst the artifacts of the Oriental Institute, which is where the reception was held.

Sarah who has been such a steadfast supporter of this blog was there too. I was thrilled to see her there and catch-up. Indeed, everyone was very warm and welcoming. I'm quite pleased that I was able to attend the graduation ceremony. Thanks and congrats to them all!


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