Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday news

I just thought I'd share a few interesting stories that I found as I browsed a few different media sources today.

After The New York Times and BBC News, I look at The Washington Post generally for international news. An Island Engulfed by Migrants details the concerns and tensions that have grown on the small Mediterranean nation of Malta due to the arrival of increasing numbers of vessels full of African migrants in search of work and safety. This article stood out because it is a place that I know intimately, but which in my opinion many Americans aren't familiar with because it's not a popular tourist destination like Italy, France, or the UK. It's rare to find any news about Malta in the mainstream American press. With regards to the article itself, however, I recall some of Maltese whom I met that voiced similar worries and stereotypes like those expressed in the article.

Poll Reveals a Contradictory Portrait Shaded With Promise and Doubt is also found in The Washington Post. It details the results of a survey on the condition of black men in America conducted by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University.

Finally, The New York Times has done a few stories in the past few days about concerns over violence at the World Cup in Germany. Surge in Racist Mood Raises Concerns on Eve of World Cup caught my interest as well as, It's Springtime for Soccer, and for Rowdy England Fans, which was in Friday's paper.

The Gauls at Home in Erin is another NYT article, which I found very fascinating. It's about the labor migration of Europeans themselves within the continent: French to Ireland, Poles to Germany, and Brits to Spain (just to name a few).


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