Friday, June 02, 2006

opening hearts

The quick decline in the health of Nana and her subsequent death were the central events of the past week and a half, which made it such a stress filled time for my entire family. In part this explains why I had a difficult time finding the necessary time in which to update my blog as I would have preferred. All the events of the past week or so haven't been all doom and gloom, however. There have been some wonderful, beautiful developments.

There's a new love in my life. Yes, can you believe it! And no, she's not from has been a no-go so far. Her name is Su and we met for the first time several weeks ago at one of the Post-Treatment Young Adult groups at Gilda's. In fact, I talk about that very Gilda's meeting, where we first were introduced in my post of 4/27. In the weeks since then, we've hung out getting to know one another better with each passing time. Our relationship really took off, however, after we watched the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth last week (which I encourage everyone to see by the way: NPR - "Al Gore Sounds Global Warming Alert." Our first kiss didn't occur, however, until this past Tuesday night after we went to Eating It, a live summer comedy series at Pier 63 next to Chelsea Piers on the Hudson, where we had a smacking good time. Wednesday evening we both had activities at Gilda's. She had her weekly support group. I had my weekly yoga class with Dianne. After our respective activites ended, we ate dinner at Grey Dog, a small but very hip restaurant nearby that offers kick-ass sandwiches and other interesting culinary medleys. Tonight we spent the evening eating tapas while listening to live energetic jazz music at the Hayden Planetarium's Starry Night.

Our relationship is very fresh, but we're both quite pleased with the direction and pace at which its moving forward. Cancer and Gilda's helped to bring us together and although neither of us ever desired to learn about a cancer diagnosis, one of the joys of having completed our treatments is that now we are able to explore and rediscover the wonders of love and companionship, two of the many gifts that life offers but which we both know all too well that can be snatched away from us in a heart beat. It's beautiful to feel again after so much pain and doubt, loneliness and uncertainity. It's beautiful to open up our hearts and to rediscover what could have been lost or never come to be.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love to hear "good news" !!!


9:24 AM  
Comment Anonymous Sarah said...

Congrats on good news!


8:38 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Sarah and EFG!

8:16 AM  

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