Sunday, June 04, 2006

cosmic collisions

In my post on Friday, I forgot to mention that at the Hayden Planetarium Su and I watched the new space show, Cosmic Collisions which I found to be very exhilirating and awe-inspiring. Basically, the 20 minute or so show looks at the historic role played by massive collisions in our universe. For example, it shows how our Moon was formed out of the debris caused by an early planetoid that struck the Earth billions of years ago. It also showed the much better known theory of how the dinosaurs and 3/4 of all living creatures perished in the massive collision on Earth 65 million years ago. Finally, it examined what is believed will happen to our own galaxy billions of years in the future when the Milky Way and our nearest neighbor, Andromeda, collide and eventually become one mega galaxy.

I was disappointed with the film's length, however. I wished it was a bit longer, but otherwise I found the story itself to be very interesting as well as a thrill to watch.


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