Monday, June 05, 2006

cancer false positives

This is a plug for my friend, Elana's blog: Cancer False Positives. We met in a public speaking course at NYU about three years ago and have been friends ever since. Thanks to her, I learned about Gilda's Club and its wonderful resources, such as the Young Adult Post Treatment group. She married and moved to Austin with her husband over a year ago, but we still try to stay in touch every so often. But before she moved to Texas, in the relatively brief time that we shared in NYC together she proved to be a wonderful supporting friend, who shared a lot with me about cancer and life.

Elana was treated successfully for thyroid cancer in 2001, but some time last year she received news from her doctor that her routine scan showed a cancerous regrowth. Of course, she was shocked and disheartened. In the end, it turned out that her medical staff was entirely wrong. She was fine. There was no recurrence. Hence, the false positive. Her blog is about her own story about this painful experience and other cases with similar fallouts. Unfortunately, false positives are more common than we'd like to imagine.

I added a link to her blog to the left under "Fellow Prizefighters."


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