Friday, June 16, 2006

bon voyage

Yesterday I met up with Elizabeth for lunch at one our usual stopping grounds, the park at 47th and 1st Avenue nearby the UN. (Tucked away from the madness of midtown, this park has served as a lovely refuge for us two during the past two summers as my law firm is only a couple of blocks away.) It was so great to see her again. I think we last saw one another in March for brunch at MUDD, her favorite cafe house in the city. Indeed, it's cool hip place.

At the end of June, she's off to South Africa for a week to visit her boyfriend before traveling to Ethiopia, where she'll spend an entire year furthering her social work-health care skills at a hospital as a newly minted graduate of John Hopkins. It's bound to be a great opportunity for her, a fellow Watson veteran.

We took a few memorable snap shots together at the park before we parted our ways yesterday afternoon. I wish her the very best as she embarks on what promises to be an exciting and memorable experience. I'm looking very much forward to a postcard or two.


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