Tuesday, June 13, 2006

back at the office

Today was my first day back to work. I returned to the law firm, where I worked during the past two summers. It was a fine day. It was great to see familiar faces, some of whom contacted me while I was sick at home or in the hospital. Some other co-workers didn't know about my illness, but that was okay. When appropiate, I told them about what I had been dealing with since I left the firm at the end of last summer.

I work there as a summer paralegal. It's a great place, which is very flexible. For example, I'll be able to continue my Wednesday appointments with Dr. Roberts, my therapist. I'll take an extra hour off on Wednesday and then, make it up on Thursday or Friday by forgoing my lunch break. I'll simply eat at my office desk as I work. At many places, my arrangement with my therapist would be difficult to do I bet, but here in part because of my personal history with the firm, it works out.

I'll be at the firm until about the second week of September at which time I'll be preparing to return to Chicago for grad school.


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