Wednesday, May 24, 2006


On Monday, I met up with Chris, who graduated from medical school today, and his girlfriend as well as two Vassar classmates both of whom I had not seen since our own collegiate graduation four years ago. We met at a restaurant called Pio-Pio Express at 91st and 1st Avenue in order to celebrate Chris' huge accomplishment and his return to his home, California, where he'll begin his residency. We had a really good time. Supposedly, Pio-Pio is well-known for its smacking rotisserie chicken. Indeed, the chicken is awesome and makes the visit there so well worth it. It was nice to finally meet Chris' lovely girlfriend, whom I had heard so much about from Chris. I was pleased to find out how well Mike and Benny were doing since graduation, which seems so long ago now. As to myself, I didn't mask my recent drama. Despite my initial hesitation, I was very open and forthcoming to both Mike and Benny. As I told my psychologist, Dr. Roberts, about the experience this morning, it would have taken way too much effort to lie about my illness, treatment, and recovery. In retrospect, it was liberating to be so honest about myself. As Dr. Roberts said so poignantly, there's a natural tendancy to feel insecure in such a situation when everyone around you is doing so well and moving ahead. Whereas I, on the other hand, am very involved in the here and now. Yes, the here and now. But that's okay, he told me. Opening up may ultimately allow them too to open up as well and thus, the conversation becomes more fulfilling for both.

Dr. Roberts and I had a great session today as we do normally. He's able to communicate my thoughts and feelings so well.


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