Thursday, May 25, 2006

nurses and traveling on a budget

Yesterday I forgot to mention an interesting article in The New York Times about the huge shortage of nurses at American medical institutions. Because of insufficient numbers of American nurses, hospitals and the like are recruiting from abroad which is having an adverse effect on the medical institutions there. To me, this article was very interesting in part because I had noticed that a significant number of the nurses whom I interacted with at the hospital were from the Phillipines, but I had no idea of the huge numbers of Philipino nurses that actually work in the US. Read the article here.

The other New York Times article that I wanted to bring to the fore is in its Travel section. Every Wednesday, Matt Gross updates his readers on his 90 day around-the-world tour. He started in Lisbon, Portugal and reported yesterday from the Galician region of Spain. I'm really curious to find out what advice or insight he may be able to offer throughout his exciting journey. Readers can also e-mail information, tips, or recommendations to Matt too, so it's totally interactive which adds to the project. You can check out his first article here:
My Goal Is to Go Around the World in 90 Days on the Cheap Yesterday's update is called In Galicia on My Trip Around the World


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I don't know if you knew Heather from Jewett who was a year ahead of us, but took a year off and graduated with us, but she just left for Peace Corps in April to serve in Senegal. She has a fascinating blog about her experiences.

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