Friday, May 19, 2006

dr. guyer

My appointment with the cardiologist, Dr. Guyer, went very well this morning. I left his office really very pleased with how my appointment went. Although all of my doctors are friendly and attentive to my needs and concerns, I find Dr. Guyer to be even a bit better than most, which is why I took upon myself to see him this morning. I was most impressed with his affable demeanor when we first met back in October or November. That first impression stayed with me and led me to my appointment today.

He reviewed the blood lab results that Schuster took on Monday. Everything looked very good he said. The lab figures showed that the number of special enzymes produced in the muscles were elevated, which is evidence of my recent physical activity at the gym. This high enzyme number is common in people, who exercise intensely he told me. Huh, I thought. That's really interesting. I took an ECG exam, which revealed what I already knew I had: WPW. But Dr. Guyer and my other cardiologist at Montefiore both agreed that my particular condition wasn't serious enought to warrant any medications or ablation. His advice for good cardiac care was, of course, exercise. He wants me to exercise 5 days a week regularly.


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