Monday, April 10, 2006

the subway and yankee stadium

During the past three weeks or so, I have been back to my old self using the subway to navigate my way around the city and I must say, it feels really great. I found myself in the rush hour commute on my way home today, but it wasn't a bother really. The significance of just being able to hop into a subway car and then, go to all my ususal stops after months of not being able to do so is such a confidence booster. In a very real sense, being able to ride the subway again makes me feel more like old self since the subway is such part of my life in New York City. Since junior high school, it has serviced as my primary means of getting around town.

I suppose it didn't dawn on me until Saturday when I took the subway to meet up with Francesca in the East Village how much more free and in control I feel now that I can ride the subway again. As I took the #4 train to rendezvous with Tony for brunch in Harlem on Sunday, I felt the same way again. And then, this morning as I waited on the platform of the 161st Street station (my home stop) for the train I thought about it again as I looked at The House that Ruth Built - Yankee Stadium, which lies adjacent to it. From the elevated platform, I looked down and could see various delivery trucks parked in front of the delivery entrance to the stadium, where goods were being carted for the new baseball season. There was a flury of activity down there. I thought about the subway and also the architectural drawings of the proposed stadium which is planned to replace the famed Yankee Stadium in about 3 years time. From the elevated subway platform, one can see the proposed site which is a park that lies across the street directly opposite Yankee Stadium. How things will change soon I thought.


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