Wednesday, April 26, 2006

first day at the gym

Although restorative yoga is great, I need to do some cardiovascular exercise in order to strengthen my heart and lungs. I feel strong enough now to finally explore this avenue of recovery and fitness. Plus I want to lose some of that unwanted winter blubber that I have accumulated during the past several months. As a result, I purchased a spring and summer membership at the gym of a local community college. Monday was my first day there and it went rather well. A favorite of mine is the stationary bicycle for cardio, so I did that for about 20 minutes and then afterwards, I tried the stairmaster for the very first time. I have seen the stairmaster many times at other gyms in the past but it looked intimidating, so I avoided it always. But on Monday, I figured why not. I ought to give it a try and if I don't like it, well then that's fine too but I should at least try. It was quite challenging, I thought. Whereas it look a good 10-12 minutes before I developed a sweat on the stationary bike, sweat started to pour down my face in about 5 minutes on the stairmaster. My thighs and glutes sure felt the resistance using the stairmaster, but I liked the workout. I used it for only 10 minutes but I felt that was more than plenty. On my first day in the gym in more than 6 months, it was best that I things slowly.


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