Friday, April 28, 2006

did stress give me a gut?

As I described in a previous post, this marks my first week of cardiovascular exercise in well over 6 months. I have been reading a bit of literature online about various issues relating to cardiovascular fitness and tips on strengthening the heart. In my research, it seems that abdominal fat is the most threatening type of body fat. It's evident to me that I have gained a couple of pounds since the winter and it's most noticeable in my midsection. So naturally, I have been very interested in reading about not just ways to get rid of the fat there but perhaps of equal importance, why and how in the first place fat seems to accumulate most readily there before other areas of the body. Interestingly, a few of the articles that I have come across argue that stress may be a factor in abdominal fat. It made me wonder if all the stress from battling Hodgkin's Disease cuppled with no physical activity during the past several months may have had some role in the blubber that sits upon my Rectus Abdominis. It's possible.

Click to read the articles:
"Stress May Cause Fat Around the Midsection in Lean Women"
"Spare Tire Around the Middle? Maybe Your Life Is Too Hectic"


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