Thursday, March 16, 2006


I tried my very first yoga class at Gilda's Club on Tuesday morning. It went quite well. I was told that the number of people in attendance varies, but on this day it was about six. The instructor has been teaching yoga there for seven years and I found her to be better than the instructor that I had at the Bendheim Center last week, because I felt that she guided the class remarkably well. Her instructions were clear and much easier to follow than those of the instructor at the Bendheim. Of course, I had some of the same coordination difficulties like before but the instructor thought that I did quite well for a new comer to yoga. Despite the challenges, I enjoyed my the experience a lot. It was relaxing, rejuvenating and yes, tiring too, but overall I liked it and planned to try come again for following day's yoga class. Afterwards, the instructor encouraged me to stick with it and that's my intention. I'm going to see where it takes me. Some of the participants there, all of whom were 50+, had been practicing yoga at Gilda's for years. The only male besides myself in the class has been doing it for four years.

After some coffee at Cafe Dante and lunch in Washington Square Park, I headed uptown to meet Dr. Tepper, a psychologist. The therapist hunt continues. Our meeting went well. I agreed to see him again next week.

After my appointment with Dr. Tepper, I was pretty pooped. I think the yoga had worn me out.


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