Saturday, March 18, 2006

tingling in the throat

For about a week, I have had a little tingling in my throat. Though the tingling is very slight, the only way that I can describe it is that it's similar to that which one would have at the very start of a cold. It's that tingling which usually means the lymph nodes are in action working to fight the infection. The tingling is nothing serious I imagine, but of course, I am very sensitive (as I should be) to every noticeable change in my body. One can easily freak out (in part because of a fear of a relapse). I must reminid myself that it has been a month only since I finished my treatment, so I shouldn't start to panic because of a little tingling. Nevertheless, I will bring this to the attention of my BMT doctor on Monday.

My mom has been pretty ill for about the past two days with what seems to be a very bad cold or the flu. I have kept my distance from her, because I'm not supposed be around anyone who's sick. The tingling in my throat, however, preceded her sickness by several days, so I don't think I caught anything from her.


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I have had a tingling in my throat too. Maybe it is just the start of a cold or cough.

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