Thursday, March 02, 2006

seeing schuster

This afternoon I had a check-up appointment with my BMT doctor, Dr. Schuster, at the hospital. I saw very little of him during my hospital stay, so it good to see him again and catch-up. The other head BMT doctors, Drs. Shore and Harpel, saw me daily. My counts, he told me, looked just fine. My bone marrow was working well and there wasn't a need for a bone marrow test, which was a delight to learn. In sum, he said I was about one month ahead of where most BMT patients are at this point in the post-transplant phase. All the news was good news. The fatigue, he said, was normal and he figured that by my next follow-up in three weeks, I'll feel considerably better. My skin had darkened in certain areas, such as on the palms of my hands and at the soles of my feet, but that's normal too. In time, the discoloration will go away. My taste is okay, though it's not yet 100%. Again, this is normal. All my taste buds will return with vigor in time. Finally, I noticed many dark spots on my scalp but again they aren't anything to worry about he said. Like the darkening of my skin, the spots are simply the product of the chemotherapy treatment. The litany of changes to my body that I just recorded aren't a big deal really. Simply cosmetic, but I still had the desire to ask Dr. Schuster about them. I just wanted to make sure all was well. He advised me to stay away from the subway for a couple more weeks. Otherwise, his only word of advice was for me to listen to my body. This is exactly what his assistant, Joanne, had told me the previous week. I was a superstar he called me. I had earned the coveted five stars, because I did so well. My next appointment is not until March 20th.

I had a chance to catch-up briefly with Manny, the colorful stem cell technician before leaving the hospital. That was really good.


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