Monday, March 20, 2006

the factory is pumping

My appointment with Dr. Schuster, my BMT doctor, went very well today. The results of my blood work showed that my bone marrow is producing healthy red and white cells robustly: Hgb: 14.3; WBC: 6.2. Go marrow go! You rock! There's a factory at work pumping out cells.

I told him about the recent tingling in my throat, but it didn't raise any alarm bells. He obviously wasn't worried about it. Sometimes, I told him, that the localized pressure which I described earlier comes and goes, but it hasn't been as acute as when I was discharged from the hospital. I told him also that my stamina has increased in recent days and I was feeling stronger, although of course far my normal self. That will take some time. I informed him about my recent dive into restorative yoga as well as my effort to formulate an integrative program of healing, which includes massage therapy and psychological counseling at the moment. Dr. Schuster thought these intiatives that I had taken recently were great. He gave me the OK to use the subway, so that's awesome. The normal level of my white cell count meant that the use of public transportation was OK. Of course, I must still use common sense and be viligant about my health but at least I can get around town differently now.

In two weeks he said I'll need to go for my first PET-CT scan and then, I'll see him for the results the following week.

Before leaving, I ran into Bita, the BMT nurse practitioner, in the corridor leading to Schuster's office which was really wonderful. It was the first time that I had seen her since I was discharged one month ago. She's really fantastic and is absolutely stellar at her job. I made sure to ask to tell the rest of the staff on 10 West that I said "hello."


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